The Metaverse will be a complex digital galaxy with many worlds and destinations. Oorbit is the ship that takes you to all of them.

What We Do




Oorbit is made of a team who has played and built virtual worlds for a long time. We are dedicated our everyday at Oorbit to research, development and testing of the most sustainable, highly interactive, easy to use and cost effective solutions for cloud gaming and virtual worlds.


We want millions and eventually billions of players to jump in and out of high spec game worlds and creative spaces. We are dedicated in working along with developers and businesses who use our technology to achieve real game changing results. 

Oorbit aims to build a community of developers and players that are truly rewarded both by building and playing. 

We support all major game engines and want to share our propietary tech with you.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring interactive worlds that are meaningful and belong to the Web3, Blockchain creator mindset, to every user on the planet.

Gaming and digital content is changing rapidly under the influence of innovative approaches to game development. For instance multiplayer battle royale games like Fortnite feel like products that are forever in "beta" state and attract players through continious storyline updates similar to animated fictional worlds and create unforgetable "events" we share with friends. These games and their virtual worlds are becoming social spaces where players increasingly find new activities beyond gaming such as music, parties, premiers, shopping and much more. Accessing these many worlds instantly will be crucial to both creators for revenue generation and players to spend less time and funds on finding the right experience.
Our aim is to facilitate instant virtual worlds and games through methods that eventually remove compute distribution limitations.  Our first step is to introduce Event-Based Cloud Gaming (EBCG) which aims to blend concepts of gaming, events, interactive media and social spaces to achieve a highly sustainable yet infinitely high quality experiences accessed almost in real-time with no download or hardware costs.

We believe that both the gaming and internet paradigms are shifting while joining paths. Oorbit will be the portal at your fingertips to places and activities you have never experienced before.

Publish and Play with Oorbit

Using Oorbit EBCG (Event Based Cloud Gaming) possibilities are endless. You can design a 1min game event for social media or a AAA  battle royale multiplayer that comes online for the weekend. 

We offer the resources needed for you as a developer to build, ship and manage your product while planning infinite updates without any costs. There are no limits in what level of  graphics or mechanics you design. 

Let's connect and get your imagination out there. Use the forms below to let us know about your project.

Let's Build Together

Indie Developer

Do you make games at home or with  friends using Unreal Engine or Unity and want to set up weekly scheduled multiplayer battle royale matches? we can help achieve this cheap!

Game Studio

Indie or AAA, if you are shipping titles and want an open alternative to Stadia that lets you be your own publisher and save on cloud hiring and mainetnance costs, we can help

Virtual World

A company with ambitions to join the Metaverse that doesn't think the quality of Decentraland and Cryptovoxels is enough. We can help with the best virtual world publishing.

Join Oorbit

Are you an engineer? cloud architect? Cloud GPU expert? or simply into the idea of disrupting gaming and hardware? Let's build the next gen of cloud platforms together