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3D Interactive Worlds.

AAA quality games and  interactive virtual worlds published as easy as a website and played on all web browsers and devices. Share PORTS on Twitter, TikTok, Discord, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Facebook and more. Explore our scheduled EBCG (Event Based Cloud Gaming) technology.

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Port Performance Test

Every game or virtual world  is a 'Port' on Oorbit. These Ports are instant cloud games that can be played on any browser on any device connected to a minimum 10mb/s internet.


Virtual Worlds

Build the next generation of multiplayer game events using Oorbit EBCG 

(Event-Based Cloud Gaming)

Bring your project from Unreal Engine, Unity and other open source engines to millions  of players with the ability to schedule games as events to control and save costs of infrastructure.

Why Use Oorbit?

 Oorbit is the transport system for the next 3D Internet. Cloud gaming's promise to remove console and PC is not enough. Oorbit unlocks previosuly impossible type of cloud native experiences and events that makes it 10x easeir and cheaper for virtual worlds to attract billions of people.

Instant Gaming

 & Creation

Instant acces to games, engines and virtual worlds is vital for developing new online spaces and shaping the next version of the internet.  Oorbit lets you invite a friend to a game session while messaging on whatsapp or discover a new game through your twitter feed using Oorbit port links .

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